The project

‘Life and Death in Hampstead’ is a 2-year Heritage Lottery funded project to upgrade, enhance and refurbish the churchyard and its extension.

Camden Council in partnership with Hampstead Parish Church are delivering a programme of improvements to the site including repairs to the paths and gravestones, habitat management, guided walks, education sessions and a variety of events.

The site has a very long history. It has been a site of worship for over 1000 years. Throughout the site there are monuments and gravestones including some of great historic significance such as the grave of the artist John Constable.

The site is designated as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance Grade 1(SNCI).
The churchyard is an excellent place for wildlife. It provides a refuge for many different species of plants and animals. You can find here: mature trees (cedar of Lebanon, beech and oak), birds (nuthatch, long-tailed tits, wrens and jays), bats (noctule, common and soprano pipistrelle), grassland (rye grass, creeping bent and cock’s foot), wildflowers (white clover, creeping buttercup and agrimony), butterflies (gatekeeper and speckled wood), vegetated walls and tombstones (male fern, hart’s tongue and numerous species of mosses and lichens).

Main management objectives of the project are:

To preserve and enhance the site as an important historical site.
To allow access to the gravestones and monuments.
To keep formal and well maintained area around the church.
To ensure the health and safety of all visitors to the site.
To conserve the existing biodiversity of the reserve, and enhance it where appropriate.
To conserve and enhance where appropriate the habitats present on the site.
To monitor populations of the reserve’s biodiversity to assess progress of conservation management.
To provide local people with an accessible place to enjoy nature.
To provide information on the history and ecological value of the reserve.
To improve and maintain a network of footpaths to provide access to all parts of the site.

For more information and to get involved please contact:
Honia Bor, project officer
Telephone: 020 7974 5178 or 07920 743286

We will be building this website over the next few months, if there is anything that you would like to see on it please let us know

13th Dec 2010

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